Meet, Discover, Play!

Reality is knocking at your screen, let it in!

Don't know what to do?

Who is free this evening?
Who want to play soccer this sunday?

Discover / Plan

Discover what your friends are going to do!
Plan your next activities!

Meet and have fun!

Meet easily with maps integrated, reminder and confirmation request.

No spam

Sharing your activities with friends can be hard and frustrating. With SeeU, all the info about the event are summarized on the front page, no more last minute question about the time and place of the event!

Higher control on who is coming

Number of participants and interested always visible together with a confirmation request function able to ask all the users involved in the event to confirm their presence with 1 tap bring you a higher control on your events.

High flexibility

Share your events with selected groups, single friends or with all your friends!

And so much more...

Maps integrated, precise notification on events changes, link access to the groups, disable/enable invites, appoint admin... enhance your possibility.

Peculiar reviews

Be surprised by the power of our users!

``Thanks to SeeU reminders i am able to reach my appointments in time!``


Marty McFly

Back to the Future

``Maps integrated helps me find the most reliable path to meet Goku. Usually i don't die.``



Human protector of the earth

``SeeU allows me to understand what Blair and Chuck are going to do without spying on them!``



Gossip girl

Some secrets

Lines of code
Hours of sleep lost
Bad guys defeated